We just moved here to Guthrie and bought a house.  The elderly woman who lived here was unable to do any type of yard work for some time.

Yesterday I got to some of the yard, and it produced 6 bags of yard waste. My neighbor told me that you guys would pick it up on the third WED, but sometimes you get lucky and they would take it before.

Well, I put those 6 bags out, just to see. And they took them this morning!

Please thank the men on my route as they always do such a great job. We have never put out extra bags before, and we won't do it again. But it is nice to see there are still people who do go the extra mile, and they should be thanked for their kindness. Please thank them for us!

Gary B.

I Love the recycle bank program! I'm a newlywed and having a reception in September. I used my recycle bank points to order my wedding invitations I not only got 250 invites for half price print Vista also recognized I was a recycle bank Customer and gave me discounted return labels I ended up only spending 135.00 and free shipping. I am one happy customer, I have used my points on gifts of magazines to people and bowling but this was a huge saving not to mention I haven't had to buy trash bags in forever.


One happy tree hugger.

Shawna M.